"For over 16 years Tim Settle, an independent Christian singer/songwriter from Germanton, North Carolina has been warming the hearts of listeners and audiences with original and sincere performances.   You can relate to his lyrics and feel his emotions throughout every song.  Tim began writing at the age of 19.  He learned by ear how to play guitar and soon began preforming in Churches all around his local area.  He continues to sing in local churches and other venues all throughout the area.  In 2011, He released "Last of the Last Days" and "Simply Amazing" both of which still currently receive radio play.  He continues to write songs and is releasing a brand new EP entitled "Meeting Place" in the fall of 2020. 

I would love to come and be a blessing to you.  Please don't hesitate to click on the contact tab for booking information.     I also sing at weddings and multiple other venues throughout the year.  Thank You for your support and God bless. 

What God has done in my life is undeniable.  Although I was raised in church and in a Christian school, I did not come to know the Lord until the age of 19.  Singing and songwriting was no where near a part of my life until then.  It was like an immediate gift that was given from the Lord.  I always loved to sing but I was always to afraid to sing by myself.  The idea of getting up in front of any crowd and singing was out of the question.  This changed after I received Christ as my Savior.  I soon picked up the guitar and after a few tips from some good friends I was playing and writing my own songs.  Since then I have recorded three albums and have been working on a fourth for some time.  In 2011, "Last of the Last Days" received it's first local radio air play and a short time later "Simply Amazing" was released.     

My career has had many ups and downs but God has been faithful.  In 2007 God blessed me with the most wonderful wife a man could ask for.  In 2012, we welcomed our beautiful twin boys into the world.  They have been the greatest blessing in my life.  With the craziness of schedules, work and kids my music has simply taken a back seat the last couple of years.  But now I am getting back in gear and big plans are ahead.